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Design & Build

The foundation.

Sports Turf Specialties, Inc. has been providing Surveying, Consulting, Design, and Construction services at all levels of play for more than a decade. Our dedicated and professional team recognizes that every field is unique and will ensure that your next project is built to perform for years to come. We utilize the most advanced and accurate equipment and services in the industry to guarantee every project is successful. 

Construction & Renovation
A topographical survey, physical and chemical soil analysis, and visual inspection of the existing conditions prior to the beginning of construction is essential to making an accurate determination of what materials will be needed to complete the project. Athletic fields are constructed on three surfaces, Natural Soil, Modified Soil, and Sand-Based Mediums. Sports Turf Specialties offers construction services such as Laser Grading, Drainage Installation, Soil Engineering, amending and blending of soil, and installation of turfgrass. 
Whether you are designing a new field or renovating an existing one, our knowledgeable team will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. When designing and engineering an athletic field construction or renovation project, it is critical to incorporate the client's budget, athletic field use, sustainability and durability of the playing surface, availability of resources such as water, and safety of the athletes that utilize the field.
We have worked with some of the best architects and engineers in the industry, but our team can easily design and build or renovate your field to your specifications.
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