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Drainage Installation

Muddy conditions? A proper drainage system can be the difference between a rainout and a game played. Sports Turf Specialties has been a leader in the installation of Field Cap Systems and Infiltration Drainage Systems in the New England area for the past decade. Drainage systems are ideal for athletic field management. With the need for more games more often, many events must be played regardless of the weather. Drainage systems decrease waiting time after rain events and increase playability of the field.



Sports Turf Specialties believes drainage on an athletic field is not just simply incorporation of pipe in the ground. There are hundreds of systems that emphasize flow rates, vertical loading, Geo Synthetic fabrics, filters, and cost effectiveness of their systems.  We understand that all these elements are important. However, it needs to work. Top soils and sub soils are not equal from region to region, so how can one system be effective for all?  That’s why we only endorse a system after a site evaluation and soil testing.

Surface & Internal Drainage

Sports Turf Specialties understands drainage issues can only be resolved if there is a good understanding of compatibility between soils and aggregates. Materials must bridge instead of integrating with each other.  To achieve that goal, we only work with certified testing labs to create systems that will work for each soil type and environment. 


Topographical surveying of existing conditions is critical in determining if there is a ground water situation, inadequate sloping or inconsistent grading of a field.  There are some situations where the best course of action is not a drainage system at all. Surface grading and cultural practices will provide better results for a majority of issues on natural grass athletic fields.


Installed Drainage Systems

Installed drainage systems support surface and underground drainage by providing tunnels for the "excess" water in the rootzone to leave the soil. Drainage systems can be incorporated in new construction, renovation or existing athletic fields.


Sports Turf Specialties offers Wizz Wheel Trenching, a tractor mounted trenching machine that creates slices through the surface of the field and disposes of the waste material into a low ground pressure dump wagon with minimal surface disturbance. The slits may be filled with a 50mm slotted/perforated pipe, pea gravel, and/or rootzone sand mix, depending on the specifications of the field. Drainage trenches are installed at a specified grade to allow water movement out of the soil profile and away from the playing surface. 


Xavierian Brothers High School - Wizz Wheel Trencher

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