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Spring 2017 Infield Clean Up

Spring 2017 Infield Clean Up

Infield Modification

Field of Dreams.

Sports Turf Specialties has the privilege of working with and installing some of the most advanced engineered soils in the industry. This technology allows us to save existing infields that in the past would have been excavated and replaced. Therefore, it saves you time and money. 

Our Services

  • Complete Infield Reconstruction

    • Remove Existing Turfgrass & Lips

    • Install & Blend Soil/Clay into Existing Surface

    • Laser Grade Field to Desired Pitch

    • Install or Modify Irrigation System

    • Install Turfgrass Sod


  • Infield Skin Renovation & Laser Grading

    • Test Existing Soil/Clay Conditions

    • Engineer & Modify Clay for Optimal Perfomance

    • Blend New Material into Existing Playing Surface

    • Certified DuraEdge Contractor



  • Infield Surface Clean Up

    • Measure & Square Field

    • Remove Existing Lips

    • Install New Clay Material

    • Laser Grade Skin


  • Pitcher's Mound/Home Plate Installation

    • Certified Hilltopper Contractor


  • Infield Conditioner Installation


  • Infield Bases Installation

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