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Turfgrass Care


Sports Turf fertilization should be an integral practice to maintain high quality athletic field surfaces that are not only healthy and dense but resist pest invasions. Nutrients are added by foliar and granular applications throughout the course of the year. 


Nutrient requirements are determined by a comprehensive soil analysis prior to applying any fertilizer. Our team will take a soil sample from your athletic field to be tested and provide a cost-effective, fertilizer program to improve and maintain optimum plant and soil health. 

Soil Analysis

A soil analysis is critical for an accurate turf care program. Nutritional requirements are different for every athletic field. A physical and chemical soil analysis will provide our team with vital information to determine a cost-effective program that will increase turf health, vigor, and density for your athletic field. 


Pest Control

STS utilizes an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to Pest Control on athletic fields. Turfgrass pests are grouped into categories: weeds, diseases, and insects. Why control the pest? These pests can inhibit turfgrass density and ball roll, increase susceptibility to other pests, and often times, suppress turfgrass growth leading to the decline of the turf. By setting thresholds, identifying and monitoring the life cycle of the pest, preventing the pest from becoming a threat, and ultimately controlling the problem, we strive to promote high quality athletic fields. 

Fertilizer Programs

Every field is different. Our fertilizer programs are customized for your field based on the soil test analysis. Our team will work with you to establish a program that will promote good turf stamina, resiliency, density and consistency, while increasing rooting and overall turf health.  


Soil Amendments

Whether you are looking to increase water and nutrient holding capacity, improve rooting depth or stabilize your rootzone, STS has a multitude of options available for your athletic field. Soil amendments are used to improve the physical properties of your soil through liquid and granular application, soil blending or surface injection. It's underneath the surface that really counts. 

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