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Turfgrass Installation


Athletic fields with high quality turfgrass cover have greater traction, durability, ball roll and cushioning, and lower surface hardness, ultimately reducing the likelihood of injuries. Natural grass not only plays a significant role in safety and playability in athletics but also a major part in the environment by filtering groundwater, stabilizing soil structure, and improving air quality. 


In the 2008 NFL Annual Players survey, 1565 players from all 32 professional football teams evaluated playing surface conditions for the league. 71% preferred playing on natural grass, while only 15% preferred playing on an artificial infield surface, and 11% had no preference. 

Turfgrass Selection

Our management team is committed to selecting turfgrass varieties favorable for your growing conditions. Every field is different; some fields require drought or shade tolerant turfgrass, while others may need heavy traffic resistant cultivars. Our team reviews annual NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) research studies to select the best varieties for your athletic field. 

Turfgrass Installation


Utilizing low ground pressure equipment, our professional team can install a new turfgrass surface with minimal disturbance to existing conditions. Each turfgrass sod roll is inspected upon installation, seams are pulled tight and flush, and irrigation is scheduled for optimal rooting potential following installation.


Whether you are establishing a entire field or repairing goal mouths and worn areas, our team will surpass your expectations from the beginning to the end of the project. 



Grow In


Our goal is to provide superior quality, expert guidance, and knowledgable support long after the completion of your project. Implementing a maintenance program is essential to establishing a high quality natural turfgrass athletic field and sustaining it in prime condition. For more information about athletic field maintenance, visit our Maintenance page.

FIFA International Soccer Match - Turfgrass Installation               Western New England University - Turfgrass Installation 

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