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Sports Turf Specialties, Inc.

Project Testimonials


"I would be remiss if I did not take the time to express my gratitude for the renovation recently completed at Ruane Field. Specifically, I'm referring to the rebuilding of the infield, pitcher's mound, and catcher's area....I have not seen one bad hop and it has significantly changed both the safety and quality of our games...I've had numerous parents also mention the difference this has made in the play of their kids. Our games go much quicker as most all the routine plays are now made. Best of all, the kids LOVE playing on the new surface and are playing with CONFIDENCE. So thanks for doing this and I'm confident in saying Ruane is now the best and SAFEST field around."


 ~ Canton Little League


"I want to take the time to let you know what an excellent job the staff of STS did on the renovation of McCathy field. There didn't seem to be a second of down time from the crew (except when I was asking them for advice and tips on maintenance). We just hosted the Rhode Island High School Division 1 State Final Four. There was nothing but praise and compliments on how beautiful the field looked and played. While I always do my best to make it that way, a big pat on the back goes to the men that came in here and did their thing. Much appreciation!"


 ~ West Warwick Parks & Renovation


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