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Laser Grading

Efficiency & Productivity

Laser Grading is critical when either establishing a new athletic surface or renovating an existing one. Laser Grading will ensure:

  • Precise & Accurate surfaces.

  • Proper sloping for water runoff.

  • Consistent & even playing surface.

  • Increased safety, playability and productivity. 

Accurate & Consistent Grading

Pinpoint Accuracy

An essential practice in construction, Laser Grading is an operation that establishes a level or specified slope across a surface. An uneven, inconsistent surface can promote puddling, soft spots, holes, and lips, resulting in the failure of the field. Our qualified team can grade any surface to  +/- 1/8” on grade. 

Our machines disperse weight evenly over 6 tires, reducing localized compaction. 

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