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Linear Decompaction

Wave Action

Linear decompaction is process that slices through the turf, shattering the soil profile up to a depth of 15" by wave action. The wave action produced by the machine promotes water infiltration and greater air space for the plant. With minimal surface disruption, the field is ready to play following this aeration practice. 


The Redexim Verti-Quake 2521 is a rotator aerator that uses 24 steel knives to slice into the field surface. Ideally used on fields with high use and foot traffic, the Verti-Quake breaks through the rootzone profile into the sub base to relieve compaction. The implement is 82" wide and mounted to a low ground pressure tractor. Similiar to Verti-Draining, this turfgrass practice will soften harden soils, promote deep rooting potential, and increased field safety and playability. 

Increased Water Infiltration

Looking to increase drainage on an existing athletic field? The Verti-Quake Vibra-Sandmaster installs sand slits allowing water to infiltrate through the surface quicker. This secondary drainage system rejuvenates existing installed pipe drainage systems by creating clear tunnels running perpendicular to existing drains, in which the water can flow. With the capability of penetrating 15" into the earth's surface, your athletic field drainage will increase allowing more play and ultimately a safer, dryer field. 


View our video for more information about the Verti-Quake Vibra-Sandmaster!


Our maintenance team has the capability of installing sand into the verti-quake slits with the use of the Vibra-Sandmaster. The vibrating blades inject sand into the slits, followed by rear turf tires that leave the playing surface game ready. 

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